Thanos 01
Vital statistics
Real name Dione
Alias The Mad Titan
Age 500+
Species Eternal–Deviant hybrid
Production details
First appearance This Al Dente Earth!

Thanos is a mad Titan who's goal is to retrieve all 6 [infinity gauntlets] and conquer the universe. He is the main antagonist of the first half of the second season.


Thanos was a member of a alien race of warriors called the Titans. He slaughtered most of his people in his search for conquest.


Season 1

. "If This Be My Thanos!" (actually a Skrull con man in disguise)

. "This Al Dente Earth!" (the real one)

Season 2

. "Another Order of Evil, Part 1!"

. "Another Order of Evil, Part 2!"

. "World War Witch!"

. "Whom Continuity Would Destroy!"

. "Blind Rage Knows No Color!"

. "So Pretty When They Explode!"

. "Fate of Destiny!"

. "Missing: Impossible!"

. "Soul Stone Picnic!"

. "When Strikes the Surfer!"

. "The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)"