Vital statistics
Real name Lambda-Zero
Species Ethereal
Production details
First appearance Last Exit Before Doomsday!
Voiced by Cheryl Hines

Stardust is the least evil member of Galactus' Heralds. She is considered an ally of the Super Hero Squad.


Stardust first appears in the episode "Last Exit Before Doomsday!" to warn the Earth that Galactus was coming. But just after she informed the Silver Surfer of his coming, she was captured by Dr. Doom and taken to his base. After a failed escape atempt, Doom had her take him to Galactus. Galactus knocked Doom back to Earth, then told Stardust to finish preparing the Earth, dispite her pleas to reconsider. She fought the Fantastic Four and Iron Man along with Firelord and Terrax the Tamer on the moon until Silver Surfer convinced them to stop. Galactus then arrived.

In the episode "This Al Dente Earth!" she first told Iron Man not to mock Galactus, but he did anyway ant was shot away and then shot back by Thanos' space ship's windshield wipers. She then recommended to Galactus to find another planet for him, but he refused and she and the other heralds started to attack him. But Galactus teleported the heralds billions of miles across the universe while he teleported down to the Earth.