Ronan the Accuser
Vital statistics
Real name Ronan
Species Kree
Production details
First appearance Alienating with the Surfer!
Voiced by Michael Dorn

Ronan the Accuser is the defender of the Kree Empire.


Ronan first appeared in the episode "Alienating with the Surfer!" while he was on his way to help the Skrulls from Galactus, who was going to eat their home world, when he encountered the Silver Surfer. He asked the him to help but the Surfer, who had been corrupted by the power of the Infinity Sword, attacked him. Thor and Scarlet Witch came across the two fighting and the Surfer lied to them and said that Ronan had attacked him. The two super heroes also started to attack Ronan but they were overpowered by his Universal Weapon. But Silver Surfer used the Infinity Sword to destroy the Weapon and then put Ronan in a pocket dimension. The Surfer then lied and said he would let Ronan out in two hours, but he instead melted the zipper to the dimension so that he couldn't get out and left him there.

In "The Final Battle!('Nuff Said!)" Scarlet Witch used one of her hexes to release Ronan from the pocket dimension and apparently he had a new Universal Weapon. After the Infinity Gauntlet was taken away from the Dark Surfer and it teleported to the Infinity Sword at the end of the universe, Ronan saved the Super Hero Squad by locking the Dark Surfer in energy handcuffs and then he started accusing him of all the evil things he had done. After a long while of accusing the Surfer, Ronan accused Iron Man because the Surfer was his responsibility. The Squad then assured him that it wasn't his fault. After the universe was restored Kree High Comand contacted him and told him that the Empire was restored. Ronan told the commander to smoke him a kipper and told him that he was bringing the now Silver Surfer to their Ultimate Security prison. After the members of the Squad said that they understood that the Infinity Sword had corrupted the Surfer and that he still had a place on the Squad, they both teleported away.


Season 2

. "Alienating with the Surfer!"

. "The Final Battle! ('Nuff Said!)"