Vital statistics
Real name Humberto Lopez
Alias Reptile (always mistaking for it)
Age probably 15
Species Mutant



He's young, opinionated, and he brings extra firepower to the team with his Dino Powers. He's able to summon a vast array of Dino-abilities by shouting out the dinosaur attribute he needs, for example, "Velociraptor Legs!" "Pterodactyl Wings!" or "Brachiosaurus Muscle!" Captain America leveraged Reptil into a reluctant Wolverine's care. Now Wolverine is teaching Reptil to handle his powers, and -- just as importantly -- how to be a hero. He feels very competitive with the Falcon, who shrugs it off, but not without some worry. Reptil wears an elemental totem, the Sunstone, on a sturdy choker around his neck which gives him his powers.

He has appeared in many other episodes. The sunstone is only one of the infinity fractals and no one had ever known that!


  • To Super Human!
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