Nebula shs
Vital statistics
Real name Nebula
Species Luphomoid
Production details
First appearance Double Negation at the World's End!
Voiced by Jane Lynch

Nebula is an intergalactic space pirate and sister of Thanos.


Not much is known about him but it is revealed that Thanos kept bulling her. She got back at Thanos by stealing the purple space stone that allows her travel through space and time (but she didn't know how much power it holds) and used the S.H.E.I.L.D transportal to send to the negative zone. She tried to escape but Annilus' Black hole sucked her in until Falcon and Iron Man showed up and rescued her. She helped fight Annilus and transported back to earth with the heroes but after she figured out that they want the infinity stone she pointed a blaster out but Wanda's hex spell melts the gun, Luckilly Thanos arrived and took the infinity stone (and she figured out she can use the stone to transport out of the negative zone), and used it to transport out of the world. It was later revealed that Thanos kept her prisoner on his astroid planet, and after he sucessfully captured the reality stone (a stone that warps reality) he brags about it and uses it to erase the device covering her mouth and her lips itself disabling her to talk. After M.O.D.O.K. destroys Thanos' dungen she runs away (getting a bit loopy during the fight) leaving her brother to fight. In When Strikes the Surfer! one of Dooms new flaming henchmen came by and had a conversation with her (and she got bored of it). Because she forgot that Thano's took her mouth away  she clumsily splashes water all over her face. Her friend notices this and tries to get her boyfriend [Molecule Man] to change it back. MM does but makes it to big and Bigger until he makes it the correct way (though she says it's still to big). Nebula warns her friends that he's coming, The Dark Surfer and explains what's happening, until Docter Doom shows up and convinces the aliens to join him in defeating the Dark Surfer. Because she hasn't had a mouth in 2 months she spends her time eating pie..