Vital statistics
Real name Miek
Species Sakaaran Native
Production details
First appearance Planet Hulk!
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg

Miek is a cowardly, little gladiator.


He was being chased by gladiaters until Hulk came by and broke the fight. Miek thought he could use Hulk as his guard to get revenge on people who called him Hiveless. The Red King and his guards use gas to incapasite them. Miek warned Hulk not breathe it but Hulk breathes all of it and falls on Miek. Miek and Hulk were imprisoned and forced to fight other gladiators and Hulk can't hurt the red King because the gas Hulk inhaled contained nanites and they control his central nervace system. Miek was forced to fight Korg and disarms Miek quickly. Realizing his bug-alien friend is in trouble Hulk easily overpowers the guards and busted out. Hulk and Korg fight while Miek hides from danger. Hulk wins but Red King displeased (because he got hurt during the fight) summons the alien eater and she eats Miek, Korg, and Hulk. Miek explains to Hulk that if they don't escape they'll be digested. So Hulk, Meik, and Korg work together to escape, they suceed but now they must face the Red King. Hulk is overpowered thanks to the nanites until he sucessfully blows the nanites out and defeats the Red King. Miek tells Hulk he is now their king. Later Miek and Korg find out that Hulk misses his friends and family.