Vital statistics
Real name Korg
Species Kronan
Production details
First appearance Planet Hulk!
Voiced by Dave Wittenberg

Korg is a Kronan gladiator.


Korg was chosen to fight Miek. He successfully disarms him until Hulk showed up, knowing that Hulk is a worthy opponent he fights him but Hulk gets the upper hand beats him until they got eaten with Hulk and Miek. He blames Hulk and attempts to fight him but Hulk refused saying that the Red King is Hulk's enemie not him, realizing Hulk's wise words he congratulates him (but Hulk took it as an insult). Hulk defeats the monster and takes out the Red King. Amazed they tell him that Hulk is their new king. But Hulk tells them that it's not the same without his teammates.