Iron Man
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Vital statistics
Real name Anthony "Tony" Stark
Species Human
Production details
First appearance And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Iron Man is an armored superhero, the main protagonist and the leader of the Super Hero Squad.


The leader of the Super Hero Squad, Tony Stark is known to the public as both an inventor and a hero. He's an eager, straight-arrow, can-do leader who's totally obsessed with technology -- certain that there's a gadget to solve every problem and a suit of armor for every occasion. He has a tendency to concoct overly complicated gizmos, like a photon-activated laser incision matrix for metallic container penetration (a.k.a. can opener). In his eagerness, he often deploys his gadgets before fully testing them, resulting in many explosions and an occasional armored glove shooting off into space. But when the stakes are high, his gadgets come through.

He's also known for trying many times to get a date, no matter if the woman in question is a villainess or an ally.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Man has displayed multiple abilities including: Superstrength, holographic technology, flight, power blast, etc.


Some of the suits that Iron Man wears are:

Hulkbuster Suit (Armor that is strong enough to take on the hulk himself)

War Machine (Armor that comes fully loaded with powerful weaponary tecnology)

Mark 1 (The first Iron Man suit that got destroyed. Built with almost anything Tony was able to get his hands on)


P.S.: He appears in almost every single episode! The list would be too long to write.


  • Iron Man is a playable character in Super Hero Squad Online and in addition, there are other versions of Iron Man in the game which are: Stealth Armor Iron Man, Hulk Buster Iron Man, Iron Man Mk1, Avengers Iron Man and among others.
  • Tom Kenny, the voice actor of Iron Man is also the voice actor of Ice King from Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants and all versions of him in the game Super Hero Squad Online.
  • James Rhodes (aka the War Machine) mentioned that he dated She-Hulk but it didn't end well.
  • He only showed his face once.
  • He was the first character to break the 4th wall.