The Infinity Fractals are the remains of the Infinity Sword after it was shattered into pieces. Each fractal has a power of it's own which is why it's considered to be dangerous. Both the Super Hero Squad and the Lethal Legion are on a mad race to retrieve them.

Fractal Effects, Colors, and First Appearances

  • Gave Mole Man a large speed boost, made his legs giant, and alllowed him to control his creatures with his mind - blue - And Lo... a Pilot Shall Come!
  • Gave Reptil the ability to turn any part of his body into a dinosaur part, but after it was taken away, he still had the ability but he turned into whole dinosaurs, and it also made him fractal-proof - red - To Err is Superhuman!
  • Shrank Thunderball to tiny size - blue - To Err is Superhuman!
  • Unknown effect, was used to make the Infinity Dagger - green - This Silver, This Surfer!
  • Turned Hulk into the Grey Hulk who was smarter but didn't want to fight as much - red - Hulk Talk Smack!
  • Unknown effect - green - Enter: Dormammu!
  • Was inside Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamatto and made him go crazy - green - Enter: Dormammu!
  • Was on Brynnie Bratton's tiara and gave her super strength but weaken those around her, gave Hulk a dress and long blond hair when he put it on - red - A Brat Walks Among Us!
  • Transformed Wolverine into a real wolverine - purple - Oh Brother!
  • Was used to make a black hole - yellow - From The Atom...It Rises!
  • Unknown effect - yellow - This Forest Green
  • Was used by Plant Man - red - O, Captain, My Captain
  • Used on M.O.D.O.K. to give him special powers. Such as the ability to take away peoples powers but can't do it when people are in the way- Green- Tremble at the Night of M.O.D.O.K.
  • Abomination touched it and it turned him into the last person he saw M.O.D.O.K.- Blue