Name = Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson

Abilities = Empathic link with pet falcon,Ability to see through the eyes of nearby birds,Flight,Skilled martial artist and gymnast,

First Appearance =And Lo... A Pilot Shall Come!


Falcon flies with wings made of "hard light" (a solid hologram). He's upgraded them with Stark-built "feathers" that shoot out as projectiles. Falcon communicates telepathically with birds, particularly his pet falcon Redwing. He can even "see" through their eyes, which comes in handy when the team needs recon. The original adrenaline junkie, Falcon loves anything that moves fast, flies high or causes severe motion sickness. Passionate and optimistic at 17, he's a born hot-dogger who's finally made it to the big leagues. Beneath his jokester persona, he's got a lot to prove. He and the former villain Scarlet Witch like each other, even though her father Magneto doesn't approve. He also loves all girls--some even villain.