Dormammu (Earth-91119)
Vital statistics
Real name Dormammu
Species Demon
Production details
First appearance Enter: Dormammu!
Voiced by Robert Englund

Dormammu is an almighty demon god from the Dark Dimension.


He first appears in "Enter: Dormammu" when he is summoned from the Dark Dimension by Doctor Strange who had a factal in his Eye of Agamato which was messing with his head. He then sent his Mindless Ones to attack the city while he captured Dr. Doom and Captain America, learned about the fractals, took the fractals from Doom and the Vault, and put them in his collar, making him grow to giant size. After the heroes took out his minions, he pesonally faced them. After the fractal was knocked out of his amulet, Doctor Strange sent Dormammu back to his own dimension and gave the fractals to the heroes.

In "This Al Dente Earth!" Doctor Strange opens a small portal to the Dark Dimension and uses Dormammu's head to burn a hole in Galactus' Cosmic Food Processor and he then closes the portal, leaving Dormammu in the Dark Dimension.